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Our number one priority is that only products that meet our strict quality requirements, that are secure and health friendly, find their way to our stores. Therefore, all our suppliers are contractually obliged to deliver the products in the requested quality and safety specifications.

To guarantee this, TALLY WEiJL is conducting quality controls based on the ISO Standard 2859. These controls are conducted either by our own quality testers (TALLY WEiJL has quality teams in China, Bangladesh, Morocco and Germany) or with the help of independent organizations like AQM. In addition to physical tests (tear strength, color fastness, UV protection, etc.), the required tests also include laboratory analysis on critical chemical substances (AZO Dyes, Nickel release, Cadmium content, etc.)

Every detected defect or flaw is accurately tested and removed immediately. If several flawed or defective products are discovered during a quality inspection and the acceptable limit of tolerance is exceeded, all articles of the production series are tested. If a test is detected as failed again, we will cancel the production. If not and once the defect has been removed, the goods are inspected a third time.

In addition to the mandatory controls and tests, TALLY WEiJL is conducting  additional quality tests every year on a voluntary basis. These controls are random even if the goods have already been checked before shipping. The controls are based on European regulations and organizations like REACH and the ÖKO TEX Standard and are conducted in independent and accredited laboratories like UL in Italy.

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Who does not know the TALLY-Bunny? Our longtime brand icon! TALLY WEiJL loves animals, which is why it's clear to us that no animal in the world should suffer for fashion.

Our production is 100% animal friendly and we have a policy of zero tolerance towards the use of angora wool, feathers, real fur or real hair in all our products.

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Guaranteeing a safe, healthy and fair working environment is a fundamental principle in our "Code of Conduct". Through this codex of rules, based on ILO conventions and binding to all employees and business partners of TALLY WEiJL, we ensure that the working and production conditions in and for our company meet the highest standards. This includes (along with other regulations) the clear prohibition of child and forced labor, the need for fair working hours, living wages in accordance with prevailing law as well as adequate health and safety measures.

TALLY WEiJL produces in Far Eastern countries such as Bangladesh, Pakistan and China, but also in Portugal, Morocco and Turkey. We require full compliance with our Code of Conduct from all our suppliers and subcontractors. To ensure this, we carry out regular audits. Where deficiencies or misconducts are identified, operators are granted a transitional period to remedy the situation. Otherwise the cooperation will be terminated immediately.

We are also involved in the striving for better working conditions, especially in developing countries, by joining the Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh, in May 2014.

By signing the agreement initiated by international trade unions and NGOs, we support a comprehensive and independent inspection of all garment factories in Bangladesh to make an important contribution to improving fire and building safety. Therefore, no factory in Bangladesh may manufacture TALLY WEiJL products without being listed on the Accord Active Factory list on behalf of our company. When they are fully complying with the prescribed standards, we guarantee long-term contracts to our Bangladeshi producers.

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At TALLY WEiJL, equality means that all employees are treated equally and that nobody is discriminated against because of their gender, age, race, origin, sexual orientation or any illness.

With the beginning of the cooperation with the AIDS foundation Switzerland in 2009, we have also set an important example with regard to HIV discrimination at work. At the time, TALLY WEiJL expanded the corresponding paragraphs in its regulations and offered equal opportunities to HIV-affected employees worldwide.

We employ a remarkable number of female employees (70% at Trading AG) and are eager to find solutions so that they can come back to work smoothly after motherhood. Furthermore, young talents are strongly supported at TALLY WEiJL. We offer comprehensive apprenticeship programs and internships with high chances of leading to permanent employment (as of 2018: 48 apprentices and trainees at Trading AG).

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Recycling instead of throwing away

Every year, extremely high quantities of clothing end up in the trash and are wasted instead of being properly recycled. TALLY WEiJL sees its responsibility as a fashion company to close the cycle of textiles and has therefore teamed up with I:CO.

As an experienced global service provider, I:Collect (I:CO) has developed a unique instore-take-back system that makes it possible to collect used clothing and shoes at a retailer’s point of sale and to give them a new life through reuse or recycling.

We have recently started in all our Swiss stores to offer our customers the opportunity to hand over their old clothes for free and pass them on for recycling. As an incentive, we give every participating customer a discount coupon valid on their next purchase at TALLY WEiJL.

But not only our customers are made aware of the topic of textile recycling, but also our employees. In the TALLY Campus Basel, we have installed I:CO boxes ready to collect textile remnants and old samples and to pass them over to I:CO. The same applies to goods that can no longer be sold due to minor defects.

We are proud that, thanks to the partnership with I:CO, we can make a valuable contribution to sustainability by conserving resources, reducing textile waste and relieving the environment.

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Organic cotton & recycled polyester

At TALLY WEiJL, we are very committed to motivate our employees to save resources in their daily work, but also to think eco-friendly when it comes to our designs.

Therefore, for our 2019 Spring Collection, we are launching the first TALLY CARES Capsule Collection, made exclusively from organic cotton and recycled polyester fibers. This special product line has been designed with great attention to detail and combines premium quality fabrics with the styles our customers love the most.

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To protect environmental resources, we recycle textile, but we are also gradually upgrading to energy-saving methods.  In our stores for example, all conventional lights have been completely replaced with LED.

In our Code of Conduct, we also encourage producers to responsible, efficient and progressive energy management. We expect from them to focus on renewable sources and reduce CO2 emissions. We also require valid environmental certificates regarding the use and disposal of chemicals and the use and conservation of water.

Other significant projects:

Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield is committed to implementing an ambitious sustainability strategy addressing the key challenges in commercial real estate. Therefore, the group has launched the "Better Places 2030" initiative to reduce its annual carbon emissions by 50% by 2030. In addition to environmental protection, the group’s strategy also focusses on issues of mobility, transport and social responsibility towards the sites. With a total of 17 stores in Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield shopping centers worldwide, we participate in this important initiative.

More info on https://www.urw.com/en/sustainability/csr-continental-europe

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According to the Environmental Action Germany (“Deutsche Umwelthilfe”), we consume about 1 trillion plastic bags worldwide per year. The resulting plastic waste is one of the biggest environmental challenges on our planet. Plastic takes 450 years to decompose and only a small share of the global plastic waste is actually recycled. Thus, micro plastic can infiltrate the food chain of animals and humans.

TALLY WEiJL took the initiative to counter this devastating trend. Already a few years ago, we banished all plastic bags from our stores and have been giving out only paper bags since. With a number of 870 stores worldwide, this measure makes a significant contribution to reducing plastic waste.

Overall, encouraging our customers to a more eco-friendly consumer behavior is a major concern to us. For this reason, we have started to charge a fee on every paper bag in selected markets and donate the revenues to a good cause (chapter DONATIONS).


Additionally to the ban on selling plastic bags, we also reduced waste linked to transport to a minimum. That’s why our garments are transported exclusively in reusable cardboard boxes, and with the use of flat packs for furniture, we can reduce packaging material and transport volumes to a minimum.

All foil and cardboard materials that ultimately remain in our distribution centers Zofingen (CH) and Lörrach (D) and in our stores will be recycled (2018: a total of 32 tons of foil and 904 tons of cardboard).

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Thanks to revenues from the paper bags sold in Switzerland & Germany, we are supporting two important initiatives (see chapter SUSTAINABILITY):

Switzerland - Support of the Swiss Aids Federation

Since 2009, we charge a fee of 10 cents per paper bag in all Swiss stores and have been giving an annual donation of 45,000 Swiss Francs to the Swiss Aids Federation (“Aids-Hilfe Schweiz“) to financially support their important educational work.

Germany - Donation to One Earth One Ocean

In Germany, all TALLY WEiJL paper bags cost between 10 and 20 cents. We have started charging for them in April 2016 and give half of the revenues to the German environmental non-profit organization One Earth - One Ocean e.V. (OEOO) to support their unique multi-stage concept of a marine litter cleanup.

OEOO has developed special garbage collection ships, which independently remove the plastic from the waters. This collected waste is then recycled, or converted into sulfur-free fuel oil. An extremely valuable and innovative project, that we supported with a donation of 50,000 euros each in 2017 and 2018.

Find more information on OEOO on: https://oneearth-oneocean.com.

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The dedication of the Make-A-Wish® International organization has touched our hearts deeply. For this reason, we initiated a partnership with them in November 2014, to give children with life-threatening medical conditions a smile and make their heartfelt wishes come true.

We launched the #tallyweijl4wishes charity campaign to motivate our fans all over the world to post their selfie wearing a specially designed magic wand sticker. For every uploaded photo, TALLY WEiJL donated 1 Euro to Make-A-Wish. The support was incredible: over 10,000 Selfies were posted to make children’s wishes come true and many international celebrities also participated in this good cause.

“The impact our wish experience has made on the children, their families and communities around the world is incredibly powerful and life-changing. We are grateful to TALLY WEiJL and their supportive customers for taking part in the #tallyweijl4wishes campaign and helping us grant these heartfelt wishes.” - Jon Stettner, President and CEO of Make-A-Wish® International.

About Make-A-Wish® International

Make-A-Wish® International fulfils the dearest wishes of children with life threatening illnesses in many countries all over the world and enriches their life with hope, strength and happiness. To get more information please visit www.worldwish.org.

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Even with small measures, TALLY WEiJL promotes better health and thus more job satisfaction and happiness at work. In our Campus, we offer fruits from local food network for healthy snacks. Additionally, all our employees have the opportunity to attend yoga classes onsite and bicycles are available for free use.


TALLY WEiJL is a global company with offices and stores in countries all over the world. Our employees often travel between the different locations. That’s why we consider it our duty to arrange the business travels as environmentally-friendly as possible.

The central locations of our offices really help to make this possible. The TALLY CAMPUS is located in the heart of Basel (CH), with direct proximity to France, Germany and Italy. This location close to the border arouses only short travel distances and makes it possible for our employees to travel mostly by train. We can thus reduce emissions of CO2 to a minimum.

As far as travel by car is concerned, starting from 2019, we will gradually replace our 70 business cars with hybrid vehicles.

Furthermore, we also care for environment and resources on a local scale. We encourage our employees to switch to public transport by offering them the full reimbursement of their bus and train tickets. At our CAMPUS in Basel, we also offer TALLY bikes that can be used for free during lunch breaks or to attend business appointments. By providing this alternative, we are going for an eco-friendly approach to transportation, and we also give our staff the opportunity to do something beneficial for their fitness.

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