And we believe the world is a more exciting place when women have the confidence to walk the path they choose. That’s why we create the fashion for you to wear while you do so. We support you. We inspire you. We are a brand for women and have been from Day one, when our founder Tally started to develop her first designs in a small garage in Switzerland.


The year was 1984. The start of a great success story by two passionate and determined people, Tally Elfassi-Weijl and her co-founder Beat Grüring. Driven by the belief that we can all have access to latest trends, they drove their little Fiat out and began supplying garments to Swiss fashion houses and boutiques. Their ability to deliver the collections within just two to four weeks was revolutionary, and “just in time” became their key to success.


In 1987 already, Beat and Tally opened their first own TALLY WEiJL store in Fribourg (CH), to get closer to you. It was the start of a little fashion empire. The brand opened many more stores in Switzerland starting with franchise partners and began an exciting journey into new markets.


In 1997, we opened our first store in Germany. 3 years later, our first store in Poland. And in 2000, TALLY WEiJL had already over 50 stores throughout Europe. It was time to think bigger and become even bolder. So we did, and launched our first image campaign “Totally sexy”. Over the next several years, TALLY WEiJL developed into one of the international top players in fashion retail industry, opening more than 100 stores per year, exceeding the wildest dreams of our two founders.


Many years have passed since. We kept up with the times. “Totally sexy” was no longer the right motto and we also said goodbye to our bunny. We have stepped into online and omnichannel business, keeping our retail and franchise concepts alive. We are always curious, looking for new innovations to test so we can offer you the best service possible. Online and offline. Day and night.


That’s where we are. With more than 800 stores worldwide, 14 online stores and 3’000 employees. Still family-owned and based in Basel, Switzerland, never forgetting where we came from. Never forgetting why we do what we do, and who we do it all for. You.

Everything we do, we do for you.

Own it.