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β€˜ItΒ΄s about reducing our impact and moving towards a more sustainable future every day.’

At TALLY WEIJL, we are dedicated to providing our customers with a shopping experience that combines style with a conscious approach to fashion. Our focus is on reducing our environmental impact by embracing more sustainable and circular business practices. This includes sourcing materials that are more sustainable, such as recycled and organic options, as part of our ongoing effort to minimize negative impacts on the environment. Our commitment is to offer fashionable choices that align with these values, enabling our customers to shop with confidence and a sense of responsibility.


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Every outfit we make tells a story about real people. From the designers who dream it up to the skilled hands in our supply chain who bring it to life, we're all about supporting and celebrating these individuals. We make sure our suppliers treat their workers right, because fashion isn't just about looking good, it's about doing good too. So, here's to the people behind the scenes – they're the true stars of our fashion story.

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TALLY CARES embodies our journey from source to style, emphasizing the importance of each step in the process. We aim to significantly lessen our environmental impact with several initiatives like encourage our customer to recycle their old clothes and communicate with them on how to take care of their garments. With our TALLY CARES labels, we make it easy for customers to identify products made with more sustainable materials and processes.

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Our environmental commitment is both pragmatic and evolving. Currently, we're focusing on defining our baseline for greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. This initial step is crucial for identifying effective ways to reduce emissions in the future. Additionally, we are actively addressing these sustainability issues within our supply chain. By collaborating with our suppliers, we're in our initial steps to measure the GHG emissions in our supply chain. Join us as we take these informed steps towards a more sustainable future, starting with awareness and extending into action.

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Driving Fashion Forward - At the heart of our sustainability efforts is a commitment to innovation. We're engaged in a variety of innovation and research projects that focus on developing the textile industry for a better and more sustainable future. We believe that Sustainability is a common goal to all the textile industry stakeholders. Innovation is our approach to face the challenges ahead and move to a more Sustainable and circular business model.