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Whether you’re waiting for someone, trying to stalk your new crush or you’re just simply bored: Instagram is and has been the app for endless entertainment whenever you need it! Is your love for Instagram actually normal or could you be considered an addict? Check out the 5 signs below & find out… 1. Every night ends with a “scroll, scroll, double-tap, scroll” motion. The app is basically the 1st thing you check in the morning & the last thing you check at night. 2. Choosing the perfect picture AND filter AND caption takes you solid 15 – 20 minutes. Perfection takes time, right? 3. You always order the most-Instagramable thing off the menu. And your food is always lukewarm because you've taken so long getting the perfect shot. #lunchgoals 4. You, when someone pushes your selfie over 11 likes on Instagram: 5. When the app is down, you start going a little crazy. What are you supposed to do now? Look outside the window? Read the newspaper? Talk to people? Meh. Could you relate to all of these signs above? Congrats, you’re officially an Instagram addict. Go follow our account for fashion, beauty and more here.
Get ready to #PartyWithTally! If you’re already in the mood for Holiday season parties, this fab bodycon dress is all you need! With gorgeous black velvet fabric, sparkly polka dots and asymmetric cut out, this LBD is guaranteed to effortlessly add the max amount of glam to make you the queen of the party.
Huge congrats to @baruxx_sales_lover for being our #TALLYGirl of the week! Wanna be featured too? Just tag your outfit photo with #TALLYWEiJL. Good luck! ♥️
Whether it be fashion, beauty, traveling or other topics – there are so many great Instagram accounts to be inspired by. We made a small selection of three super unique accounts that you need to follow A – S – A – P! But pay attention: they’re very
The Black Playsuit with Lace - Be bold in #allblackeverything ! This statement piece is an absolute show-stopper, creating a sophisticated look in just a blink of an eye! This must-have playsuit is made with a gorgeous transparent lace top with lon
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