Tailored trousers

Elegant trousers for women – discover the potential of trousers!

Do you sometimes feel like wearing an unusual and original outfit for an everyday occasion? Do you look for trousers in your wardrobe that will work well at work and after work? Or maybe you've just got bored with outfits dominated by jeans and would like to add a bit of casual elegance to your wardrobe? If so non-denim women's tailored trousers are the answer to your needs!


Though you might not think it non-denim straight-leg trousers are both elegant and very practical, and can instantly add formality to almost any outfit. After years of denim and fleece supremacy in fashion, elegant women's straight leg trousers are back in favour. If you’ve always thought of them as part of a boring office outfit, it's time to change that, because non-denim trousers have great potential! There are so many different cuts to chose from that you can select the right model for a particular occasion.

What is the right occasion for wearing elegant women’s linen trousers? Going to a wedding, the theatre, to a family dinner at your aunt's, to work, and even just going out in the city. There are plenty of occasions! The right accessories and items can make these trousers very festive but they can also be less formal when matched with casual accessories. So if you’re going to work in the morning, meeting your friends for lunch, or enjoying a more formal evening out, elegant trousers for women are the best choice. Elegant and very stylish at the same time!

Elegant women's tailored trousers for a wedding or to work

What trousers to choose? So any patterns, colours, cuts and lengths make your head spin. Check which cut makes you feel most at ease and if the design suits your style. Tailored trousers for women don't have to be checked or striped. There are also classic ones in black, creased, or women's black ankle-skimmer trousers. Tailored trousers usually have a 7/8 length, which gives you the opportunity to show off some stylish shoes.

You can also decide on a longer cut with a slightly widened pant leg, which has returned to the catwalks and streets of trendy cities. This is a great alternative not only to jeans, but also to classic elegant trousers for women. Combined with high heels they create a very controlled outfit and are perfect for big events.

Women’s dress trousers are great for a wedding or for a big entrance when you want to make a good first impression. Long, wide pant legs, elegant classic material, black, high heels always look stylish and trendy. Tailored trousers in slightly lighter shades look good any day of the week. These models also end at the ankle and you can combine them with classic boots, trainers or fashionable wedge heels.

Women's 7/8 trousers – elegant does not mean boring!

How to create an outfit using elegant women’s trousers? For work or for uni – straight trousers always work well in combination with an office shirt. If you don't want to look too formal, you can combine them with a classic turtleneck sweater or T-shirt. Depending on the season, put on a cardie or something more casual to look less formal. For everyday outfits you can match them with almost anything – from an ordinary T-shirt or sweatshirt to the hot trend item in the most fashionable colour of the season. Experiment!

Some cuts of elegant women's trousers have decorative belts sewn in with a buckle, others are tied at the front, you can tie them in a bow or in a different way that suits your outfit. A belt with a buckle is great for more formal outfits, but also when you want to add originality. Combined with heavier boots or wedge heels, it can look quite unusual, and at the same time very trendy.

The best thing about non-denim trousers is that they give you a lot of freedom and comfort. Depending on what you combine them with, you can wear them for almost any occasion. While some jeans strongly restrict movement, non-denim dressy trousers work well from morning to evening and look perfect in every situation!

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