Skinny trousers

Skinny trousers – the style you can wear day and night!

Have you ever wondered why models always choose skinny trousers? For obvious reasons! Their legs look great in them, and they can very easily create trendy outfits for any occasion. Women’s skinny trousers have already become a staple wardrobe piece, and no wonder – since these trousers can be combined with absolutely any other piece in your wardrobe!


Skinny trousers used to be worn only by rock 'n' roll stars. Today you can find women’s skinny fit trousers in every girl’s wardrobe, and they’re always trendy. Do you like rock style? Are you a born rebel? Choose skinny trousers to feel even bolder!

This trouser cut has one more important advantage. You can wear them on virtually any occasion! You’re leaving the house in the morning and need to get dressed quickly but still want to look trendy? Put on your skinny trousers, choose your favourite stylish accessories and you're ready to go! Or maybe you're going out with your friends or are headed to a party and are wondering what to wear? Choose trousers that cling to the body. They will emphasise your strengths and help you NOT to go unnoticed.

Women’s skinny trousers – what colours to choose?

Women’s skinny trousers come in many varieties. There are destroyed skinny trousers as well as plain, light, dark and skinny check trousers, high-waisted or hipster skinny trousers, and skinny jeans and leggings. You can wear your skinny or even super skinny trousers for school, and then choose to change into skinny check or skinny stretch trousers in the evening. Skinny trousers make styling simple and convenient.

Black tight trousers make the basic cool look because they match any set of clothes, white is great for the summer. Women's skinny jeans are a staple casual piece, many women cannot imagine their wardrobe without them. Colours, accessories and adornments in ripped and distressed varieties give skinny trousers a bold look.

Do you like punk style? Are you inspired by rock stars? Black, slightly faded skinny trousers are an absolute must-have. You can combine the same trousers with a tight top and go to a club or a friend's party. You’ll look great in them at work or uni – wherever you are. They’re comfortable and universal. They don’t restrict your movement, so you can do whatever you want.

Who are skinny fit trousers meant for? This is an ultra-tight trouser model, that’s why girls who like to show off their legs feel good wearing them. This cut makes your legs look like they reach the sky, and even higher if you combine them with high-heeled shoes! You do not need a perfect figure to wear these trousers. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable in them, because tight trousers need to be loved from the moment you put them on!

Skinny trousers – create your own unique style

Women's skinny trousers easily combine with any item that’s in your wardrobe. Matched with an elegant shirt and high heels, they are suitable for slightly more formal occasions. With an oversize sweater, they create a comfortable and pleasant duo that works well during the autumn/winter blues, when warmth and comfort become your priorities. Combined with a T-shirt and a leather or denim jacket, they are suitable for any music festival, seeing your friends or going shopping.

Matched with extravagant high heels and a tight-fitting turtleneck, they'll make you look like a supermodel no matter how short or tall you are. Your style and your choice are what matters most. In the summer, the lighter shades of the skinny trousers work perfectly to create the total white look or with strong colour shades e.g. with the luscious yellow that is very fashionable this season. There’s no item in your wardrobe you can’t match with skinny trousers, and that’s why this model has dominated for years as a staple item for most women around the world.


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