Push-Up Trousers

Push up trousers – how to look curvy?

Have you ever wondered how push up trousers work? Does this model magically shape your silhouette and make the female figure seem even curvier? Yes, it really works! No matter what the cut or material, push up trousers visually lift your bum.


Where did the idea for designing such trousers come from? Emphasising the shape of different body parts is nothing new in fashion. Women have always shaped their silhouette with corsets, crinolines or other inventions that change their figure – sometimes quite dramatically. The push up model works on the same principle. Push up trousers guarantee that bum-lifting effect, adding an inch or so to your derriere, and making your hips and legs look very attractive, too. Is this effect necessary for a girl to feel good? Certainly not! But why not experiment with this trouser cut? Just give it a go!

How do push up trousers work?

How does the push up effect work? Push up trousers have fitting seams and pockets that visually enhance the bottom. It doesn’t matter if you choose jeans, leggings or some different trousers, those marked as 'push-up' have a particular rounded seam on the rear end and half-round pockets. Those circular shapes make your bum look curvy! The secret of a shapely bum solved!

And which type of trousers most often include the push-up effect? Push up trousers for women are most often found in skinny or slim fit denim versions. Boyfriend trousers with round seams are hardly ever found because the wide legs divert attention away from the rear end. That's why the push up effect combines well with very tight pant legs, further intensifying the effect of a curvy bum. Besides jeans, rounded seams can be used in leggings, especially those you wear at the gym, or any other tight-fitting trousers.

Push up trousers – for work and for a weekend getaway with friends

What to wear with push up trousers? The answer is simple! Whatever you like. Of course, if you combine push up trousers with a short sweatshirt, sweater or top, you can easily emphasise the preferred part of your silhouette. Depending on what trousers you put on, you can wear a T-shirt, a sports sweatshirt or a casual short sweater that cuts just above the hip line.

When going to the gym, combine your push up leggings with a short top or sports bra. Then you can be comfortable and still feel sexy. A sporty sweatshirt also looks good with leggings, which you wear when you need comfort and a sense of freedom. It's a great outfit for a trip to the mountains with friends or a bike trip. What other clothes combine well with push up trousers? The shop is full of women's trousers like this because they are just as universal as any casual jeans or leggings. Push up goes well with denim and any other material, and depending on the occasion you can choose trousers with a different cut and style.

Leggings are not the desired item to wear for work or uni, but push up jeans can be. If you don’t feel comfortable emphasising your curves in certain situations, you can always put on a longer sweater or cardie. Remember that there is no need to be shy since a shapely bum, with or without the push up effect, is a very hot trend these days!

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