Mid Waist Trousers

Regular waist trousers classic!

Mid-waist trousers are a basic in every girl’s wardrobe which simply can’t be missed! Many models come and go, but regular waist trousers are here to stay. You cannot unsee these! Create a total look which shows who you really are. A self-confident, strong woman who is not afraid of have fun with fashion.
Mid-rise trousers, also called regular, have a belt directly above your hips! It starts near the navel. Mid-rise trousers come with either a zip, buttons or pick up jeggings. They are not so high as women’s high-waisted trousers and not so low as hipsters. There trousers are a great balance and basic for every hot style.
There is nothing better than perfectly fitted trousers for women. Mid-rise shorts make you feel comfortable and girly. In TALLY WEiJL you feel like you’re wearing a second skin. Perfect trousers give you self-confidence to rule the world with your BFF! Don’t wait any longer and pick up your TALLY WEiJL trousers for women.


Mid-rise pants are a top choice!

Can't imagine your wardrobe without your favourite trousers? Unbelievable that it’s only recently that they became part of a woman's wardrobe! Can you believe it that women started to wear trousers less than a century ago? Now they are an absolute must-have for every girl.
Mid-waist trousers are perfect in every variety. It only depends on the occasion. Mid-rise pants are great with oversize tops. Wear them with boho or hippie style. Put oversize tops into the pants – how sexy is that?! It creates the perfect figure.
Wear mid-rise pants as a part of woman's suit. Especially, cigarettes. And this is not the end of dreams coming true! Today’s fashion has re-defined modern suits. From dull and stiff forms they have evolved into pieces of art that you can wear with flat shoes or trainers. In such a style you show off your independence and incredible taste.

Do you like strong colours? Go for cobalt, fuchsia or red trousers. They emphasise your individuality. Do you like trousers in muted and neutral shades? Choose white, beige, khaki, olive, burgundy, navy blue or black. These colours have been the trendiest for several seasons.
Mid-rise trousers emphasise your sexy waist in romantic styles while having a big night with your beau. Combine them with a romantic top and just feel like a real, ethereal Beauty waiting for a Prince. Psss… without a Prince, you can feel great too!
Mid-rise trousers look fab in summer and during winter. They are perfect for casual outfits at work or college. They help you create a trendy and hot look for the evening, no matter if it’s dinner at a cozy restaurant or a crazy night clubbing.

Mid-rise trousers - ideal for your figure!

Mid-rise is not the only feature these pants have! The cut has a wide range from the classic chic skinny, super skinny to retro bell bottom flared trousers. Find TALLY WEiJL mid-rise trousers: bell bottoms, culottes, cigarette, slim, skinny, boyfriend or joggers. The best of the best are mid-waist with a straight trouser leg. But nowadays there’s no holds barred!

Pick up the best colour of mid-rise trousers for you. Show that you are brave and not afraid of creating your own image by mixing expressive colours together. A girl in powerful trousers never gets missed! Don’t be afraid of colours. Here you can find trousers with flower patterns or tartan. The more the better! Show off your style and tell everyone loud and clear that fashion is your second name! Let mid-rise trousers be your accessory. Mid-rise trousers can have embroidery, stripes or fancy pockets.
The belt is very important here. You can choose from various options as well. Mid-rise trousers come with either a zip, buttons or pick up jeggings. Fashionable TALLY WEiJL can differ with length. The hottest trend now are pants that end just above your ankle. Choose your style and create a total look.

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