Low Waist Trousers

Low-waist trousers – always trendy!

Low-waist trousers are an absolute classic not to mention a must-have in every fashionista’s wardrobe! They’re the most popular kind of pants among the biggest authorities in fashion. Wearing low-waist trousers you feel ultra-girly and incredibly sexy. Low-waist Pants perfectly fit your figure. Low-waist trousers starts at the hip line making them look perfect. They look great with all type of outfits.


How to recognise low-waist trousers? Low-waist means the pants start about three inches below the navel. Low-waist trousers are a little bit shorter than regular ones. Regular trousers are twelve inches from the crotch to the button while low-waist trousers are about eight inches. These girly trousers are often called hipsters or lowriders. Do you know that this is a style that cowboys used to wear? That is why it looks sooo good with a country style! The name ‘’hipster’’ comes from the way pants look on your hips - super hot!

Low-waist trousers are a fashion classic. Not only in a classic tone. Choose trousers that drive all your besties mad!

Women's low-rise trousers  – attract everyone's attention in every style!

Low-waist trousers offer the perfect chance to show off some of what you’ve got, girl! Don’t get distracted though. Wear hipsters for every season if you like them! Skinny low-waist trousers are perfect with tall boots in winter and with flip flops or sandals in summer.

Treat hipsters like an essential for smooth and elegant outfit to wear in college or at work. Show everyone that you are stylish, energetic and developing businesswoman, combine them with a monochromatic jacket or girly shirt. Hipsters are one of a kind! Don’t be afraid to break a habit and create your own, unique style with them.

Hipsters are made for having fun with fashion! Especially after hours. Create your style with a sexy body suit or loose and romantic top for a date with your beau. Your figure looks great in those during a weekend city break with friends or spending time on gossiping with your BFF over a delicious brunch-time latte. Some other ideas? The lower waist is a perfect style for a late-night house party or clubbing. No other trousers are sexier than hipsters!

How to wear low-waist trousers? For all women in all styles!

Low-waist trousers are available in many hot variants. Back there in 90s vintage bell bottom hipsters were the hottest trend! And now – surprise! They’re having a big come back! Here’s what you can find today at TALLY WEiJL: boot cut, boyfriends, regular, skinny, slim, joggers or striped trousers.

Low-waist trousers made of a smooth fabric are perfect choice for elegant basic-lovers. Wear them as a basic with crazy accessories and an extraordinary top. And during winter pair them with a cozy, oversized sweater and a pair of cute boots.

If you like to mess with fashion, low-waist trousers are made for you. Take a look at pants with embroidery, zips or strings. The latest ones are the hottest style now - athleisure. This style sneaks a touch of an athletic aloofness into an everyday casual attire.

Low-waist trousers can be closed with a zip, buttons or pick up jeggings. Every type reflects a different style. Pick the one that suits you best…or go for all of them if you feel like it! Girly girls are in? Mix zips with printed crop top. You have tomboy look on your mind? Buttoned jeans plus denim shirt are at your service!

Low-waist trousers are available in many variants. Choose from smooth, mono-colour fabrics or have fun with patterns, designs or vertical stripes. London calling? Be a chic British punk and wear a tartan! Rock low-waist trousers can also be embellished with stylish stripes on the sides, they can be ripped, distressed or have an edgy pattern. Put them on and sing along with iconic Joan Jett all the things you think about your reputation.

This is your fashion and your style! Put yourself first. Don’t let anyone rule your world!

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