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Low-waist trousers – always trendy!

Low-waist trousers are an absolute classic not to mention a must-have in every fashionista’s wardrobe! They’re the most popular kind of pants among the biggest authorities in fashion. Wearing low-waist trousers you feel ultra-girly and incredibly sexy. Low-waist Pants perfectly fit your figure. Low-waist trousers starts at the hip line making them look perfect. They look great with all type of outfits.

How to recognise low-waist trousers? Low-waist means the pants start about three inches below the navel. Low-waist trousers are a little bit shorter than regular ones. Regular trousers are twelve inches from the crotch to the button while low-waist trousers are about eight inches. These girly trousers are often called hipsters or lowriders. Do you know that this is a style that cowboys used to wear? That is why it looks sooo good with a country style! The name ‘’hipster’’ comes from the way pants look on your hips - super hot!

Low-waist trousers are a fashion classic. Not only in a classic tone. Choose trousers that drive all your besties mad!