Women’s joggers – a small fashion revolution

There is probably nothing more comfortable than trousers that do not restrict your movement. This is what women’s joggers are – the trouser cut which in recent years has become a strong fashion piece for both men and women, with a marked presence in the streets of the trendiest cities. 

Women’s joggers are a big revolution in women's fashion. A few decades ago, it was difficult to imagine the popularity of trousers with a drop crotch, giving the look a nonchalant aspect. But now style, comfort and convenience are the most important, whatever the situation. This is why affordable joggers have appeared on the market. 


Made of denim, non-denim or a tracksuit material, slim fit/skinny women’s joggers have conquered the hearts of women who value a comfortable and casual style. They are an alternative to tracksuits, which until now have been the most popular and comfortable trouser alternative. But unlike tracksuits you can wear joggers anywhere! They are suitable for the home, gym, walks, shopping or any other everyday use. They might not be a good option for big outings, but during the day there are so many opportunities to look trendy and at the same time feel super comfortable! 

Women’s joggers – convenience and diversity above all else

What do classic joggers look like? Women’s joggers do not fit into any stiff definitions or fashions. In women's fashion it is difficult to talk about a classic cut, colour or material. No wonder! Women love diversity and like to have a choice. 

The same goes for joggers. You can easily find their tracksuit version as well as the non-denim version that work great in spring and summer. Trousers like jogger pants, for women and men, also have their denim version. Their drop crotch invokes the popular skate pants. But joggersare characterised by slim-fitting tapered pant legs, which can be cut above or below the ankle. Thanks to their drop crotch and loose hip and thigh areas, they do not restrict movement and give a great sense of freedom. 

Jogging trousers can also be slightly more elegant e.g. in the form of non-denim striped trousers. Their crotch is only slightly dropped, but the characteristic tapered pant leg is still strongly marked. These type of trousers instantly add boldness to your style. Joggers are significantly different from classic jeans–hipsters, skinny or boyfriend jeans – and that's why they’re so eye-catching. They make your look nonchalant, yet not scruffy. Convenience and comfort are the strongest reasons to make fashionable women's joggers your wardrobe staple!

Joggers for girls – good for everyday use and an evening out!

What should women’s joggers be combined with? Outfits with these trousers give you a lot of scope. The obvious combination is any casual set with a T-shirt, sweatshirt or sweater as the main theme. But fashion blogs and the streets of trendy cities show that joggers can be worn in many other ways. You can easily combine them with a rather elegant white shirt. They look equally good with a buttoned denim shirt or even a T-shirt/jacket combo. 

Depending on the footwear your outfit looks more sporty or elegant. You decide how your joggers look. Women’s trousers of this type look great with sports shoes, trainers or classic high heels. Just add a gauzy shirt and a small bag, and you can easily wear your outfit to a party or an evening drink with friends. This outfit lets you feel sexy without restricting your movement. 

Freedom and comfort are the biggest advantages of joggers, so it's definitely worth having them in your wardrobe and using them in different ways depending on the occasion. These trousers are also the best proof that fashion and comfort can be a well-matched combo!

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