High Waisted Trousers

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High-waisted trousers − a girl’s best friend!

High-waisted trousers for women are creating a total look, no matter if you wear culottes or chinos. Practical mums and business women used to love them. Now every trendy girl wears them! It’s the hottest trend ever and it’s not going away! Super high-waisted trousers are ultra-sexy. And those are your best friends! Or your waist’s, to be more specific. You’ll feel incredibly girly, sexy and stylish in super high-waisted trousers. It’s the hottest trend ever promoted by the biggest fashion influencers. Instagram is full of fashion #inspo where high-waisted trousers are a theme.


What are high-waisted trousers? The waistband of the trousers (usually fastened by buttons) sits at the narrowest point of the waist. Basically they’re a trousers with a cut that reaches the navel or even an inch above. They cover the lower tummy and emphasise the narrowest part of your silhouette.

High-waisted trousers are the hottest street wear trend in New York, Tokyo and London. High-waisted belted trousers are NO 1 among top young models. Use this trend and create your own, original and hot style of the season!

High-waisted trousers − perfect for elegant and sports styles!

Can you spot at least one pair of high-waisted trousers in your wardrobe? If your answer is no, you should fix it fast! This is the cut which fits every figure and absolutely every occasion! It all depends on the fabric, but high-waisted trousers will let you create so many different styles, your BFF will be crazy about it!

Loose high-waisted trousers in sports style are ideal for an elegant outfit. They’re perfect with a tight-fitting body suit, T-shirt or oversized blouse. High-waisted trousers make you feel comfortable and girly. Make it more "miss sporty" by choosing high-waisted trousers with stripes!

High-waisted trousers can also be a perfect match with a jacket. And outfit for a formal meeting is ready! Check out high-waisted cigarette trousers or high-waisted vintage trousers. You can wear colourful trousers for everyday outings – to school or uni, but you can also create an outfit for a night out with friends or more formal meetings. Just combine them with a fashionable shirt or a stylish T-shirt and you're ready to go!

Super high-waisted trousers are ultra-sexy. It makes them an ideal choice for a date with your beau. You can also pick up high-waisted cigarette trousers or high-waisted bell bottom trousers and create a girly and innocent style.

High-waisted trousers for women − choose your style!

High-waisted trousers for women come in many types. You can choose from various options as well. You can choose: vintage, culottes, jogger, boyfriend or high-waisted bell bottom trousers. If you prefer narrow pants, skinny, mum, regular or chinos are there for you!

High-waisted trousers for women have different lengths – the hottest trend is ending just above the ankle or on the other hand, very long bell bottoms which cover your boots.

They come with either a zip, buttons or get your jeggings! All options are available. Create a total look which shows who you really are. Massive golden or silver zips are often part of an accessory. The higher waist is – the more buttons you have!

And what about colours? Summer colour palettes are usually based on lighter tones – pastels, white or beige. In colder months, darker or earthy colours dominate, like maroon, khaki or emerald green.

The most universal colour for a summer wardrobe is grey and shades of grey – from the lightest to the darkest grey. It's a great basic piece which you can combine with other bold elements of your outfit. Powder pink also looks good and can be easily combined with other pieces of the outfit.

In autumn and winter you can try out darker colours. Be bold and experiment with colour, ’cos it’s often what makes your outfit stand out!

Super high-waisted trousers come in different styles. If you like the preppy style, choose textile pants. If you prefer cute boyfriend style, take pants with stripes and zips on sides. Create your look and sign it with your name!