Your style is your superpower!

Fashion is the most beautiful way to express yourself – it is your fire that no one can ever put out! Crazy or casual styles – it is you who decides how the world sees you. In fashion you can find freedom, passion and open the floodgates of your creativity.

Perfectly fitted trousers for women or a gorgeous blouse make you feel even better! Nothing makes a girl more empowered than the outfit she wears.


Why do you like them? Because they allow you to create the perfect outfit in a simple way, and they’re very comfortable! Of course, it's cool to wear a fashionable dress, but sometimes you don't want anything to restrain your movement.

Create your style not only through perfectly matched basics like women’s trousers, a nice jacket or a trendy T-shirt. Build your style by adding accessories like jewellery, shoes or a shoulder bag.

Pick up what you want and give it spirit! Let them know that like Beyoncé said, it’s girls who run this world! Fashionable colours, cuts and ideas for cool style – all by TALLY WEiJL.

Women’s trousers – the sign of empowered women!

Without a doubt the world would be incredibly dull if women hadn’t fought for wearing trousers. Do you know that this apparently ordinary piece of clothing, that you cannot do without, was perceived as highly inappropriate for women? What nonsense!

But nowadays strong empowered women can wear whatever they want. Trousers for women – fashionable and comfortable, a total must-have in your wardrobe. Wear them in almost any style! Trousers for women are multipurpose – wear them for a weekend with your BFF or a formal party with your future boss. Trousers for women are a classy recipe for a trendy look! Both smart and casual.

Perfectly fitted trousers for women emphasise your silhouette – from the waist to the ankles. These are totally essential for innovative business women and sweet romantic girls.

Trousers for women – choose your style!

Trousers for women never go out of style! Once girls loved them many years ago and will never let them go - trousers are here to stay! What’s more, trousers are evolving into various shapes and cuts. You can even swipe a pair from your beau. Are you familiar with the popular boyfriend loose jogger-style? Hell yeah! There’s a male element in women's fashion.

Trousers for women are available in various cuts: culottes, cargo pants, skinny, vintage, loose, leggings, joggers, cigarette or classic. And each pair can be in high, mid or low waist variaties. They come  with either a zip or buttons. TALLY WEiJL trousers for women are made of many fabrics, choose between pure cotton or stretch.

Have fun with fashion and choose a style that reflects your fun and original personality. Don’t be afraid of colours. Black and white are the basics, but trousers for women are available in so many colours: red, pink, khaki and timeless nude.

If you like fun outfits, choose tartan trousers or trousers with vertical stripes. Play with funny, catchy slogans and patterns. Gain rock character by wearing trousers with threadbare holes. Trousers for women have various ornaments, embroidery or accessories. Super hot trendy styles are made with belts and pockets.

TALLY WEiJL fashionable trousers for women

Women’s trousers have many different styles and are made of different materials. You can certainly find something that’ll suit your taste. Do you like super high-waisted trousers? Look for those in an interesting colour, and you certainly won't go unnoticed. Whether you prefer culottes or skinny trousers – fashionable trousers are worth your attention. Everything to let your imagination run wild. Classic trousers are the most fashionable. They’re comfortable, stylish and suit many outfits. What more could you want?

Do you like a girly and original style? TALLY WEiJL is the best choice for you. In TALLY WEiJL you feel like you’re wearing a second skin. Everyone finds something here. No matter if you are looking for something chic, romantic, flirty or sporty.

Shop for your ideal women’s trousers at our online store. Take your BFF shopping and experiment with the best clothes at TALLY WEiJL. Mix up trends, fabrics and textures.


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