Shorts for women – show your style!

An original and amusing fashion lover. That is TALLY WEiJL Girl. If you are looking for hot summer trends – you’re in the right place! The TALLY WEiJL collection is not only an overview of the newest trends, but also a must-have for every empowered and very strong girl who loves to express herself with an outfit.
You can't judge a book by its cover! But surely the outfit helps to determine your personality. Women’s shorts, T-shirts and blouses are the most stylish items for summer or late spring. No matter, if you like an airy and romantic style or you want to show your inner punk, find it all it TALLY WEiJL.
Women's shorts are perfect for summer afternoons, city breaks with friends, a day at the beach or a romantic date in sun beams. An empowered and strong woman is not afraid to show off her body! The ideal cut of the women’s shorts gives you self confidence and makes you feel like a Queen. Show your style and prove that you rule in the kingdom called Fashion!


Girls high waisted shorts − show what you’ve got!

Sexy women’s shorts help you to be the hottest in the summer season. Choose clothes which are like you: original, cheerful, romantic and flirty. Let your fashion speak loud and clear! Get rid of the chains and don’t be afraid to present your style. Trends come and go, but your unique style always shines on a street catwalk.
Don’t hide under unnecessary layers! These days you can wear women’s shorts absolutely anywhere! Stylish shorts are acceptable at uni or even at the office. Women’s shorts are perfect for hot, sunny, summer days. Remember that holidays are the best time for fun and memories. Post pics on Instagram and show your Followers your perfect outfit with a women’s shorts theme.
Casual shorts for women can be worn in every top style. Wear them with trainers or a sports blouse during summer trips. Change from sports shoes into stunning high heels and blow his mind on an outdoor date!

Women's shorts − totally in your style!

How to define women’s shorts? Casual shorts for women are women’s shorts which end above the knee. This means you can choose whichever length you want. A totally hot trend now is cycling shorts - tight-fitting women's shorts, which end about four inches above the knee. Perfect for that athleisure style.
At TALLY WEiJL you can find women's shorts in every cut and style. Starting from loose, sports shorts to sexy, tight-fitting and veeery short shorts. Check what looks best on you! No matter if those are cotton shorts for women with stretch, or summer shorts for women. Jeans shorts are classic, absolutely fabulous and trendy, available in every possible cut and colour!
Short trousers, women's shorts, short leggings – every cut is available in all the colours of the rainbow. Are you keen on having some fun? Why not try different patterned or embroidered?! Who said that you cannot wear your jewels on your legs?!
Women's shorts are available high-waisted, closed with a few buttons or low-waisted – making your tummy tan look incredibly sexy. Don’t forget about loose, jeggings style shorts with a string tie up.

TALLY WEiJL − loud and clear about fashion!

Today’s woman cannot resist comfortable, well-cut shorts. You wear them for either lazy afternoons on the sofa or for special occasions. Colourful shorts have become increasingly popular in recent seasons! And no wonder! It's a great way to create a stylish outfit that makes you stand out from the crowd!

Who are shorts meant for? Women’s figures are very diverse and you’re often told to wear something and nothing else. Don’t worry about it. Each figure is just as beautiful, so choose the colour and cut of the shorts you like. Let nothing restrict you.

The best women's shorts are found at TALLY WEiJL! Jeans, textiles, sports, romantic, airy, elegant, amusing, catchy and girly. Just like YOU! In TALLY WEiJL shorts you feel like you’re wearing a second skin. Change as often as you want – find value shorts for women right here. We always want to deliver the highest quality and hottest trends at a reasonable price. Women's shorts for summer? An absolute must-have!

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