Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans – trousers that do not go out of fashion

Skinny jeans for women – or slim fit jeans are undoubtedly the most popular type of trousers, winning the heart of almost every young girl. Why are they so irreplaceable in creating simple everyday outfits? It's because super skinny jeans match almost anything and can be easily combined with other wardrobe pieces. And nowadays, when every minute counts, such clothes are at a premium! Why get frustrated every day, standing in front of the wardrobe and thinking: "I have nothing to wear!"?


Women's slim jeans are the solution to any problem with your casual outfit. Thanks to them you save time and nerves and look trendy! Women’s skinny jeans are at the forefront of all skinny trousers. After all, jeans are a staple piece in women's and men's clothing and they make your outfit both universal and cool. No other trousers give your outfit the character that jeans can.

Casualness, versatility, freshness and youthful energy – these are all associated with jeans, and above all, skinny jeans. There were decades when flared trousers or wide leg trousers dominated over slim jeans. But today it is clear that women's skinny jeans are the most desirable model of female trousers, and they are unlikely to go out of fashion!

Women's skinny jeans – what matters is how you feel wearing them!

What are skinny jeans? Women’s skinny jeans are tight both at the hips as well as the thighs and calves. They cling to the body and get narrower around the ankle. They can have a hipster cut or a high waist or classic cut. Depending on the model, they emphasise the bum more or less. You can choose among super skinny jeans, slim jeans, petite skinny jeans...

Skinny fit jeans are very tight and perfectly emphasise the female figure. If they also have a high waist cut, the waist, hips and bum look very sexy and feminine. Classic super skinny fit jeans hug the body perfectly and give emphasis to long legs. Do not let this discourage you! You don’t need supermodel legs to look good in tight skinny jeans. If you feel good in these jeans and they match your style, they should certainly be one of your wardrobe staples regardless of your height or figure! It's because denim is such a universal material. Skinny, boyfriend or flares – the shape of jeans doesn't matter, because the denim itself makes your outfit cool and always in vogue.

Timeless skinny jeans and their varieties

How to wear skinny jeans to feel good and always look stylish? You can combine them with almost any fashion item. Their biggest advantage is that you can put them on for work, shopping, a trip or a party with friends.

You can easily combine them with a fashionable, nicely cut, white shirt, high heels, an elegant jacket and subtle jewellery. Dressed like this, you'll look like a modern supergirl with the world at your feet! Whenever you feel like it you can change your high heels for comfy boots or trainers, and create an outfit that stands out thanks to its unique character.

Super skinny jeans combined with heavier boots and a bold leather jacket are great for rock outfits. If this style doesn't really appeal to you, you can combine your slim fit jeans with universal wardrobe pieces, like a short or long sweater, a comfortable sweatshirt or your favourite printed T-shirt. In the summer lighter shades of slim fit jeans are perfect, and combined with a white or pastel T-shirt creates an outfit that can survive any dramatic change in seasonal trends.

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