Push-up jeans

Push up jeans UK – trousers to rule the world in!

If you follow fashion, you know that your wardrobe must have this staple item. These trousers are already a classic, just like a small black dress or a leather biker jacket. But they’ve recently become super trendy. Why? Because a shapely bum is trendy! These trousers can work magic with female curves and emphasise what always attracts attention. Are you ready for them?


Where did the trend for curvy hips come from? Unsurprisingly, female celebrities contributed to this trend, since they’re the most important fashion influencers. The first one to stir strong emotions with her Latin figure was Jennifer Lopez. But it was not until Beyoncé appeared on the show-business scene, and soon after her the Kardashian-Jenner clan, that the booty became the greatest female ‘asset’. Is it about the shape of the bum? Of course not! Every woman and probably every man will admit that all feminine shapes are equally beautiful. Women's push jeans are only meant to emphasise the natural beauty, not to change it by force, adapting it to artificial stereotypes.

Which push-up jeans to wear for everyday use?

What makes these denim jeans stand out? Above all, the variety of styles, colours, patterns and adornments. You can really let yourself go! Push up jeans can be classic causal jeans, skinny jeans, but also leggings, or other comfortable jeans that you wear every day. But there is no doubt that push up jeans are the trendiest item out there.

Push up jeans are perfect for almost any occasion. You can choose classic jeans in a light or dark shade, or even in black, which is the most universal colour. White jeans are perfect in the spring/summer season when grey-brown colours are hidden at the bottom of your wardrobe, and bright colours are given the chance to come out in the sunshine. White also emphasises your curves even more, so combined with the push-ups it gives the most visible effects!

Everything is tight and creates a 3D effect, especially on your bum! So if you want to emphasise your curves, these jeans are an absolute must-have.

Push-up jeans – casual and party

What combines well with push up jeans ? Practically everything that's in your wardrobe. It's such a versatile trouser model that you can wear them for either casual occasions or with high heels in party outfits. Comfortable trainers, a basic T-shirt and a leather jacket make a combination that never goes out of fashion. It’s good for work, uni or meeting friends.

This season it’s worth trying out a total denim look, so instead of a leather biker jacket, choose a denim jacket. Such styling is now very popular because today's fashion trends are clearly returning to the past and to the 90s! What are the best occasions for using the push up effect? Jeans shaping the bum create a stunning duet with high heels. In this outfit the world is your oyster, and you feel strong, sexy and very stylish. In combination with an office shirt, you can easily use this combination for work, as long as the dress code allows you to wear denim.

It’s also a reliable styling for an evening out, either going with friends for a drink, or maybe to a bigger party at a club. Such an outfit does not require many accessories. If you want to make it a bit bolder, combine it with a shiny top which glitters in the club lights. If you don’t feel comfortable in the spotlight, make the outfit less bold by combining the jeans with a stylish T-shirt which you certainly have in your wardrobe!

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