Mom Jeans

Mom jeans – from your mom's wardrobe straight to international catwalks!

Which jeans do the greatest models and influencers prefer? Mom jeans! Why? Because these are the trousers that you can combine with anything – from flat trainers to super-feminine high heels. By mixing and matching accessories you can create an urban yet comfortable outfit or add some edge and look like fashion bloggers during the biggest Fashion Weeks.


Mom jeans are a must-have, especially now when the 90s are the hottest trend of the season! Where did these distinctive trousers come from and where does its even more intriguing name come from? It's all very simple! Straight from your mom's wardrobe, who wore high-waisted trousers almost non-stop in the 90s!

The high waist is the characteristic element of mom trousers. Another is the slightly wider leg with a simple cut. Mom jeans returned to favour in the 90s thanks to the popularity of series like 'Beverly Hills, 90210' and 'Friends'. Each female character had at least one pair of these trousers in her wardrobe, and so this cut is inherently associated with old-school outfits and a touch of nostalgia.

A few years ago mom jeans returned to fashion on the catwalks, from where they quickly moved to the streets of the trendiest cities and to the wardrobes of the biggest fashion fans. They have been in fashion for several seasons now and everything indicates that they are going to remain in vogue for several more years. Why? Because mom jeans are not only very stylish, but also practical, and so they are perfect for many occasions.

Mom jeans – find your favourite style!

Depending on the circumstances, you can choose among different types of mom jeans. The general characteristics of this style are the high waist and slightly wider straight legs, but the popularity of mom jeans in recent years means many variations on the classic model from the 90s. Today you can choose among mom jeans petite, tall mom jeans, slim mom jeans, skinny mom jeans and a slightly wider version, smooth jeans, mom jeans distressed or ripped, and the number of shades of denim available can make you dizzy!

How do you find the perfect mom jeans? Try a few styles and see which one makes you feel best. If you usually wear a looser, more comfortable style, mom jeans with a loose cut and ankle-high leg will surely be for you. But if you like to emphasise the shape of the pant legs and feel better in tight jeans, choose mom fit or slim mom jeans in which the legs are slightly tighter. In both versions the high waist remains a constant element, which beautifully highlights and shapes the bum. That's why so many women have fallen in love with these trousers. They are comfortable and versatile, and they perfectly shape your figure!

How to wear mom jeans?

The flexibility of this cut is another reason why you should definitely copy your mom's favourite jeans. Depending on the accessories, you can create a casual outfit which will be perfect for work or uni, or add more feminine accessories and create a party outfit to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. Just a plain turtleneck sweater or a tight blouse, wedge heels or high heels are enough to create a slightly more elegant look.

Mom jeans work great with any basic T-shirt, your favourite sweatshirt or short sweater. You can wear them at any time of the year, because they look great with either the ankle exposed or combined with boots. If you add accessories such as a trendy belt, fancy bracelets or a stylish watch, your outfit will immediately get bolder.

The biggest advantage of these jeans is that you can wear them from dawn to dusk, because you don't really need much to make them work as a party piece. They look stylish at any time of day and this is probably why they are so happily worn by top models and influencers. Find your favourite mom jeans and create an easy-going, grunge, old-school or super-feminine style!

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