Mid Waist Jeans

Mid-rise jeans − top choice!

What would fashion be without jeans? Very serious and dull is the answer. Jeans are the King of all #instafamous styles and you can’t miss out! Do you know that a woman's ideal wardrobe should only have fourteen items? Yeah, right?! Ridiculous as that sounds, low-rise skinny jeans are a total must-have! Fashionable, comfortable and extremely girly mid-waist jeans are also a crucial element for every crazy, colourful and on the other hand, elegant and classy style. Jeans suit every occasion. Even if it’s a romantic eye to eye evening, you’ll look simply stunning!


How to recognise women’s jeans? Mid-rise shorts are a cut which starts right above your hips. In mid-rise denim shorts you feel like you’re wearing a second skin. Mid-rise trousers are significantly lower than high-waist ones, but still emphasise your waist and hips.
Regular jeans are the most basic of basics you’ll ever need - classic jeans have been worn throughout the ages. But they been through lots of transformations during the years. Today you can choose from a variety of options. Find the perfect pair to reflect your unique character and individual style. Go with the spirit of the time but create your own colourful and strong image.

Mid-rise straight leg jeans - a style for every occasion!

Are jeans perfect for absolutely every occasion? Mid-rise jeans are a style...for every occasion! They perfectly match a summer tomboy top or girly T-shirt as well as winter styles with oversized sweaters, turtlenecks or sports blouses. Pack only one pair of jeans, no matter if you’re going to the Alps or on holiday to the Canary Islands.
Mid-rise jeans are ideal for uni or work. Combine them with a more elegant top and create a professional look with a casual feeling. Mid-rise jeans are perfect for the street, tomboy style of a girl who is empowered and knows exactly what she wants.
You don’t have to bother yourself about fashion codes of conduct, it’s what you who decide that’s a hot trend. Have fun with fashion and mix styles together. A sexy top with classy mid-waist jeans, or sports mid-rise trousers with extraordinary high heels.

Mid-rise jeans are top choice!

Fashion trends have had mid-rise jeans in all cuts and styles. So many past trends make forgotten clothes usable again in new trends! TALLY WEiJL offers mid-rise straight leg jeans in every variant. What can you find in this category?
First think about how wide the trouser legs are. Mid-rise jeans are available in so many cuts: skinny, slim, regular, boot cut, vintage, boyfriend or mom jeans. Each of these cuts suits a different style. Pick up the most suitable ones for you, even if it means a completely different look every day.
While choosing mid-rise straight leg jeans pay attention to the colour. Choose wisely: baby blue or navy blue. But those are not the only options...if you like to play with fashion, look at colourful jeans. Shades of grey have recently become more popular - if you know what I mean! This is a super hot trend for summer!
Mid-rise straight leg jeans can be closed differently. They can be closed with a zip or buttons. This is a very important detail. Check out that jeans trousers can have from none to even five pockets! The combination matters for your figure.

Mid-rise jeans don’t have to be dull. They can have embroidery, stripes or interesting zips on the trouser legs. Fashionable mid-rise jeans can also be ripped, distressed or have an edgy pattern. This will make you feel like a rock girl. Have fun with TALLY WEiJL and become a fashion icon!

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