Low waist jeans

Low-waist jeans – always on top!

Always fashionable, always good for your figure, always sexy. Do you have any idea what are these jeans? They are low-rise jeans or, as they’re called, hipsters. A well selected pair of jeans is an absolute must-have - it’s obvious. Low-rise jeans are top of the top among Hollywood celebrities. For years hipsters have been a recurring theme of the world’s biggest Fashion Weeks in New York, Milan and Paris. The world of fashion without jeans would be incredibly dull!


What are low-waist jeans? Imagine this: the belt of low-rise jeans sits on your hips. And there you have it! Hipsters at its finest. Hipsters have been a super-hot trend in girls' fashion since 2000 and are here to stay. They complement a fit figure like non other jeans. Britney Spears, Gwen Stefani and Christina Aguilera have presented their unreal flat bellies on red carpets in low-waist jeans. And these are hipsters – in the most extreme example, of course.

It wasn’t always like this. Do you know that in the beginning hipsters were worn by men? Google an early Rolling Stones, Doors or Led Zeppelin clip and see what trousers Mick Jagger, Jim Morrison and Robert Plant are wearing. You will be surprised!

Low-rise jeans fit your figure perfectly and are a great foundation for so many new styles. They’re an absolute must-have for a Saturday afternoon with your friends and a hot date afterwards.

Hipsters ─ women’s jeans for every occasion!

Thinking about wearing low-waist jeans? What’s next? Low-rise jeans are perfect for casual styles. They perfectly complement so many trainers, tomboy blouses or with girly T-shirts tied right up on your waist.

Low-rise jeans for women are incredibly sexy... create a fabulous look to paint the town red or for an epic after-party. If you want to catch HIS eye, THESE jeans will make you feel empowered. Feel free to match them with a close-fitting bodysuit. In TALLY WEiJL you feel like you’re wearing a second skin. With no distraction put any hottie on the receiving end of your fluttering eyelashes!

Low-rise jeans are perfect for any time of the year. In summer, they look great with cute little crop tops, girly T-shirts or romantic shoulder-strap tops. In winter they work well with an oversize sweater or a cozy blouse. Low-rise jeans look stunning with a fashionable belt. Low-waist jeans can be worn with suede boots, tall boots, high heels or even with trainers.

Low-rise jeans − find your style!

Low-rise jeans have many varieties. You can find TALLY WEiJL skinny low-waist jeans in many cuts, colours and shades. If you like comfortable jeans which suit your figure perfectly, pick up some stretch hipsters.

Hipsters are made in different cuts. Cigarette, slim fit, skinny jeans are close-fitting models. If you want low-waist pants with a looser style, pick up boyfriends to create the tomboy look. Rock that feisty, boyish look. And when you feel like being a girly girl again, play the accessories card and run the world!

You can choose from a variety of shades of denim. Baby blue is just the beginning. But that’s where the adventure starts. Today you can choose from white to black and shades from green to red. In summer collections (But not only!) there are white jeans. Imagine white jeans with a low-waist, they look girly and subtle. Pair them with pastel top and sneakers (or heels) and you’re good to go. Classic jeans are available from baby blue to navy. Timeless jeans are always worth having in the wardrobe. Not to mention the wash-out jeans. They emphasise your silhouette.

Low-waist jeans are a trend for every season. Look for the inspiration on the red carpet. Mix and match different styles and accessories. Open the floodgates of your creativity and show what you’ve got - make your own style. Pick up low-waist jeans with embroidery or stripes. Jeans can be ripped at the knees, distressed on the thighs or have an edgy pattern and give your look a grunge style.

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