High Waisted Jeans

High waisted jeans – a total must-have!

While browsing photos of top celebrities and influencers on Instagram, did you notice a recurring theme? Women’s high waisted jeans! This has been a super-hot trend in girls' fashion for over 10 years and is here to stay. High waisted jeans will fit your figure perfectly. A properly selected pair can be a wardrobe staple to suit any occasion– great for shopping with your BFF, a romantic date with your bae, a family get together and even the party of the season!


Why are high waisted jeans a good thing to have in your wardrobe? The high cut perfectly complements the waist. High waisted jeans are designed for confident and creative women to define their own original style, and are worn by the biggest fashion stars for both the casual every day look and glamourous dinner-party rendezvous. In high waisted jeans, you will feel fashionable, comfortable and incredibly sexy!

High waisted jeans are perfect for any time of the year. In summer, they will look great with little tops or oversize T-shirts. In winter, they work well with a jacket, a hoodie or a cosy sweater. They can be worn with both sneakers and fashionable boots. High waisted jeans are incredibly versatile! 

High waisted jeans – stand out!

What are high waisted jeans? High waisted jeans come in a variety of styles, but fundamentally they are a jean whose cut reaches the navel or even a few centimetres above. The waistband of the trousers (usually fastened by buttons) sits at the narrowest point of the waist. The cut of high waisted jeans will help you define your own style as they range from the classic chic skinny, super skinny high waist to retro bell bottom flared trousers, or you could create the tomboy look by wearing mom jeans or a looser boyfriend style.

What else should you keep an eye out for when picking the perfect jeans? Can they be closed with a zipper or buttons, both are a recent hot trend in fashion. You can choose from a variety of shades of denim: from white to black and shades of blue from baby to navy and everything in between. It’s easy to find the perfect style and cut: very or super high waisted jeans, skinny high waisted jeans, petite high waisted jeans, high waisted stretch jeans, tall high waisted jeans…you get the picture, whatever fits your body type and curves. Fashionable high waisted jeans can also be embellished with stylish stripes on the sides, they can be ripped, distressed or have an edgy pattern. High waisted jeans can have pockets on the back – or not! As you can see high waisted jeans are about choice and creating a look and style that makes you feel empowered and fabulous!

High waisted women's jeans – create your look!

Whether you prefer to show off your inner Rock Star, Femme Fatale or Girl Next Door, high waisted jeans are a perfect starting point to explore your unique style. High waisted jeans can play a starring role in your look, especially if you opt for trending styles with stripes, rips and avant-garde designs. High waisted jeans are an ideal must have for two reasons; They are a great foundation for so many new styles, but they also perfectly compliment so many forgotten blouses, jackets, heels etc. you already have in your closet! The possibilities are endless. They are a total no brainer and the fashion madness continues!

For the around town weekend look, choose high waisted distressed jeans combined with a T-shirt with a catchy slogan and flat boots. If the weather and occasion permit, drape over your shoulders an elegant sophisticated coat. Skinny high waisted jeans are a great basic for a fresh and chic style perfect for those high school and college days. Combine high waisted jeans in navy and a crisp white T-shirt or blouse for an iconic style that will work for anyone, anytime, anywhere! 

During summertime, very high waisted jeans look stunning with crop tops or T-shirts tied at the waist. If you like outfits that emphasize your silhouette, pair high waisted jeans with an interesting bodysuit tucked in. On warmer days, you can roll up the trouser legs and reveal your ankles!

High waisted jeans also work with any style of shoes. Elegant high heels, ankle boots, knee-high boots or casual sneaker, bring it on! Don’t forget to accessorize, this is your chance to use your creative spirit to look and feel your best in every outfit, everyday!

So, what is the ideal basic piece to be found in the wardrobe of any fashionable and confident young lady? Well, that’s for you to decide, but it could and should be high waisted jeans! And where can you find them? @TALLY WEiJL, of course!

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