Distressed & Ripped jeans

Ripped jeans for women – they match anything, from your rock outfit to your high heels

Jeans are an absolute must-have for every girl. Have you ever wondered why they're so popular? Although they’ve been around for 160 years, they're still a trendy fashion piece. How come? You like them for their flexibility, convenience and styling potential. All you have to do is put them on, find a matching T-shirt and you're ready to conquer the world!


Jeans look great with an ordinary T-shirt, a business shirt, a sweatshirt, even with a sequin top. You want a bolder look? Do you like to emphasise your character? Choose ripped jeans for women, and you'll look like a real rock star. Maybe they aren't suitable for a family dinner at your aunt's, but well...no worries. Ripped denim jeans are a great idea for a party look or everyday outings.

Jeans ripped at the knees and hips are still in vogue. Although often predicted to fall out of fashion, they remain trendy. What is their secret? Well, the same as for leather jackets or studded pieces. They convey controlled rebellion and add edge to the entire outfit. And no-one wants to have a dull and conservative wardrobe! It’s the variety of trousers that has always been popular with the biggest rock stars and trendsetters of punk or grunge.

Distressed jeans – a must-have

Distressed jeans can, however, look very different, distinguished primarily by colour. Depending on your preference, you can choose a lighter or darker colour for your jeans. You can also choose a 'washed out' denim look that will add an old-school or grunge feel to your outfit.

What type of distressed jeans should you choose? If you are just starting to experiment with the rock look, choose those with subtler abrasions or small holes. The destroyed jeans should be worn by bold women who and are convinced they feel good in them. Does this description of a potential lover of destroyed jeans match who you are? Go ahead and combine destroyed jeans with other pieces from your wardrobe.

Women's distressed jeans may also vary in terms of their cut. In recent years holes and the effect of washed, abraded material can be seen on both skinny trousers and the fashionable mom and boyfriend varieties. You can also see them on shorts that are a fashion staple at summer music festivals.

But what's most important, each of these styles will give your outfit a slightly different character. Skinny jeans are the most feminine version of distressed trousers, while mom and boyfriend jeans are more nonchalant. These types of jeans make you look really cool and are most often worn by modern day rock chicks.

Jeans with holes at the knees giving a cool and sexy look

What do women’s ripped jeans combine with? Well, it all depends on what type of trousers you choose. Jeans ripped at the knees combined with the skinny cut are used to create a punk look, but still keep their feminine character. High heels, a tight-fitting blouse and a belt will make the rock distressed jeans just an accessory, rather than the main element of the outfit. But if you put on jeans with a strong ripped cut and combine them with a leather jacket or studded accessories, you become a true rock star!

Play with styles, mix them up, experiment. You can easily match ripped boyfriend jeans with glamorous heels and an elegant handbag. What seems a bad match works best in fashion and gives the most interesting results.

Who says a rock girl cannot look cool and sexy at the same time? Ripped jeans for girls give you a lot of freedom in creating your own outfits and leave plenty of room to experiment. If you feel like it, combine them with a woolen sweater, and the next day a T-shirt with the name of your favourite rock band. The versatility of jeans makes your style flexible and unique, because you decide what character to give it every single day.

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