Women's Jeans

Show who you really are!

Are you familiar with the saying ‘’show me your wardrobe and I’ll tell you who you are’’? Fun with fashion, a creative and individual style,  this is how you perfectly reflect your unique personality. And there is no better way to show who you really are! Don’t be afraid to express yourself through your clothes. Let everyone know, that like Beyoncé said, it’s girls who run this world!


The TALLY WEiJL collection is made for energetic and strong girls who aren’t afraid to shine bright like a diamond, wherever they are. Don’t be afraid of wearing jeans in different styles. No matter if you wear women’s jeans, classy dress or trendy fleece, with TALLY WEiJL you feel like you’re wearing a second skin.

Open the floodgates of your creativity and show what you’ve got – make your own style. And remember – you are never fully dressed without a smile! The power of colour can say more than words. Remember this sentence.

Fashion is not only great names from magazines. Fashion is you! The one who creates her own reality with strength, energy and authenticity. In a world that would collapse without fashion, clothes are your armour and shield, because you’ve got the power!

Jeans for women TALLY WEiJL – be a go-getter!

Women's jeans are the most casual piece of clothing you can imagine. But it doesn’t mean you have to feel casual in them! Women's jeans, as well as men's, celebrate streetwear and have taken pride of place on cat walks for years. Life without denim is simply not the best!

When you pick up jeans for women, follow your own and individual style. It is most important that they work for you and your personality. The versatility of women's jeans is incredible. They can be worn in the office, are great for school, for going to a party with friends, or on a romantic date with your beau. Woman's jeans are a total must-have and are perfect for any time of the year.

Women’s jeans emphasise your silhouette and... personality. Think about it. The right outfit makes you feel confident, empowered and fabulous! Don’t become a slave to routine! Trends come and go but your personal style is here to stay. Show everyone else that you’re a Trendsetter, not only a Follower.

Jeans for women TALLY WEiJL – find your style!

Looking for some classy skinny jeans? Or maybe you’re amazed by the trend for hippie jeans and vintage jeans? Find your style here, even if it means a something totally different every day.

Women’s jeans are a feast of colours and cuts. Pick up women's jeans that fit you closely like a glove. Choose between jeans cut to reach the navel or even an inch above, or create that tomboy look by wearing low waist trousers or a looser boyfriend style. And this is not the end of dreams come true! It’s easy to find the perfect style and cut: very high or super high waisted jeans, skinny high waisted jeans, petite high waisted jeans, high waisted stretch jeans, or tall high waisted jeans.

Jeans don’t only come in baby blue denim! With TALLY WEiJL you can choose from a variety of shades of denim: from white to black and shades of blue from baby to navy until the end of the rainbow. Go wild with your style and check out jeans with appliques, stripes or threadbare holes. Choose the best way to gain self-confidence and show who you really are!

Jeans for women – TALLY WEiJL knows how!

Take your BFF for a virtual walk around our jeans store and compose your dream, trendy look! At TALLY WEiJL you can find value jeans for women in every cut and style. The most important thing is good quality at a reasonable price followed by the hottest trends in fashion!

TALLY WEiJL women’s jeans are not only the soul of latest fashion but also of a creative girl like you! Choose between many cuts, colours and styles. Your outfit without TALLY WEiJL jeans for women is like a unicorn without a horn! Fashion has many names. Thanks to TALLY WEiJL one of them is yours!

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