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Drop it off instead of throwing it away: TALLY WEiJL and TEXAID join forces.

We all have clothes in our wardrobe that we no longer wear… so now TALLY WEiJL is working with TEXAID to make sure you can make a positive imapct with your old clothes. The recycling campaign began on 1st June 2016 with recycling points currently available at our store on Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich, and at our store in Marktplatz in Basel (both in Switzerland).

The recylcing programme is planned to be extended to a wider number of stores. Co-founder, Tally Elfassi-Weijl, says "Thanks to the collaboration with Texaid, we can make a contribution to textile recycling and thus close the recycling cycle". As a thank you for their generosity, every customer that donates a bag of unwanted clothes receives a 10% off voucher to spend on their next store purchase in either of the participating stores.

TEXAID was founded in 1978 as a private charity partnership by the Swiss Red Cross, Caritas Switzerland, Winterhilfe Schwiez, Solidar Suisse (formerly Schweizerischer Arbeiterhilfswerk), Kolping Switzerland and HEKS. Each year, the TEXAID Group collects, sorts and recycles almost 1,000,000 tonnes of used textiles, requiring the help of around 1000 employees. TEXAID has an ISO management system certificate and has been awarded the Swiss Climate AG "CO2 Neutral" title in Switerland.

For further information,please visit:www.texaid.ch




TALLY WEiJL is an international company with offices and stores in countries all over the world. That’s why our employees often travel between different locations. Being an international company, we consider it our duty to arrange for our employees' business journies to be as environmentally friendly as possible. The locations of our offices have helped us to implement this important goal. Our Campus is based in Basel, Switzerland, close to the borders of France, Germany and Italy. This excellent location makes it possible for our employees to mainly travel by train. This way we have guaranteed that our journeys transmit a lower carbon footprint, compared to travel by car or plane.

We care for our environment and its resources on a local level as well. At our Campus, we offer our employees TALLY-Bikes to use for business appointments or during lunch breaks, allowing them to quickly travel from A to B. By providing these, not only do we do something good for the environment, but we also contribute to the health of our TALLY Family.

In addition, TALLY WEiJL motivates employees to completely switch to public transport by fully refunding their bus and train tickets.




Every year we make a donation to AIDS-Hilfe Schweiz to help fund the organization's important educational work, with campaigns such as LOVE LIFE having a vital impact on the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases.

The money donated comes from the sale proceeds of paper bags in all of our Swiss stores. Every TALLY customer that carries home her new purchases in a TALLY bag, contributes to support the work of AIDS-Hilfe Schweiz. In 2014 an incredible 45,000 Swiss francs (approximately 43,000 euros) was collected.

TALLY WEiJL has supported AIDS-Hilfe Schweiz since 2009, donating a remarkable amount to the organization each year. “It is important that young people are constantly drawn to the attention of this important topic. I am very proud that our customers help to achieve this,” says Tally Elfassi-Weijl, Founder and CEO of TALLY WEiJL.




At TALLY WEiJL we care about our local communities and every year we work towards growing and strengthening them. An organization very dear to us that serves exactly this purpose is GI Basel.

GI Basel, “Gemeinnützige Institutionen Basel”, is a non-profit organization that actively campaigns for the interests of regional and non-commercial institutions from diverse areas in social, health, youth, family and cultural fields.
For many years now, TALLY WEiJL has been supporting GI Basel with annual donations that help to positively encourage development.

More information about GI Basel can be found on www.gi-basel.ch




At TALLY WEiJL we strive to set an example for fair and sustainable production in developing countries. To prove our commitment, TALLY WEiJL signed the Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh on 15th May 2014.

The implementation of the Bangladesh Accord was due to the collapse of the Rana-Plaza factory building, where more than 1,100 workers lost their lives. TALLY WEiJL never produced in the Rana-Plaza complex, but “this tragedy must not leave us unchanged”, says Beat Grüring, CEO of TALLY WEiJL. “We are convinced that the Accord makes a valuable contribution to safer and better working conditions in Bangladesh.”

Long before signing the Accord, TALLY WEiJL reacted. With the help of independent experts, TALLY WEiJL examined all textile factories that they had business relationships with to ensure the safety of their workers. Where deficiencies were found, a modification period was initiated to eliminate them. “Otherwise”, Beat Grüring states, “we would have put an end to our business partnerships.” When following the required safety standards, TALLY WEiJL guarantees the factories in Bangladesh long-term contracts in return.

By joining the Accord, TALLY WEiJL supports thorough inspection of all textile factories in Bangladesh. This initiative requires International Trade Unions, NGOs, and a group of independent engineers to control the building and fire safety of these production plants. So far, more than 530 factories have been inspected.




TThe dedication and hard work of the Make-A-Wish® International organization touched our hearts deeply, which is why we deicded to collaborate together in November 2014 to give children with life-threatening medical conditions the chance to make their heartfelt wishes come true.

The “Post your selfie & we’ll donate 1 EURO” charity campaign motivated TALLY Fans all over the world to post selfies with a specially designed wand-sticker on Instagram. For each photo uploaded, TALLY WEiJL donated 1 Euro to the Make-A-Wish foundation. The support was incredible: more than 10,000 selfies were posted to help make children's wishes come true. Many celebrities from lots of different countries participated in this good cause as well.

“The impact our wish experience has made on wish children, families and communities around the world is incredibly powerful and life-changing,” states Jon Stettner, President and CEO of Make-A-Wish International. “We are grateful to TALLY WEiJL and their supportive customers for taking part in the #tallyweijl4wishes campaign and helping us grant these heartfelt wishes.”

Check out on Instagram: #tallyweijl4wishes

About Make-A-Wish® International Make-A-Wish® International fulfills the dearest wishes of children with life threatening illnesses in many countries all over the world and enriches their life with hope, strength and happiness. To learn more about Make-A-Wish International please visit www.worldwish.org

Update:In June 2015, TALLY WEiJL received the JOY Trend Award for Make-A-Wish Selfie Campaign. We are overwhelmed and grateful for the recognition and hope to work again with Make-A-Wish International.




It is our number one priority that only products which are safe, secure and meet our quality standards find their way to our stores. Through internal controls and the collaboration with external partners, we can ensure that our products meet strict quality and safety regulations.

TALLY WEiJL conducts quality controls based on the ISO Standard 2859-1. Those controls are performed either through our own quality test services (TALLY WEiJL has quality teams in India, China, Bangladesh, Morocco and Germany) or with the help of independent organizations like AQM. Each detected product defect or flaw is immediately tested and removed. If several flawed or faulty products are discovered during a quality inspection and the acceptable limit of tolerance is exceeded, all items from the production series are tested. After the defect has been removed, the goods are inspected again. Once the goods arrive in the European warehouses, additional random checks are carried out.

TALLY WEiJL’s suppliers are legally bound to deliver products compliant to strict quality standards. In addition to the mandatory checks and tests, TALLY WEiJL conducts more than 1,000 additional quality tests every year. These checks are done even if the goods have already been tested before shipping. The tests are based on European regulations and organizations like REACH and the ÖKO TEX Standard, and are carried out in independent and accredited laboratories like the IFTH in France or TÜV SÜD in Germany.

Additional information on: http://www.aqm-textile.com/ http://www.aqm-textile.com/quality-control-services/expertise-ISO2859.php http://www.ifth.org/ http://www.tuv-sud.com/home_com