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Milan is one of the biggest and most popular fashion metropolis. No wonder that the finale of our TALLY WEiJL Denim Girl Contest will take place there on March 9th 2018! The Teatro Vetra, which will be our event’s location, is just one of the numerous buildings with breathtaking architecture. But this wonderful and big city has a lot of more surprises to offer. For your next short trip to the Italian fashion capital, we’ve listed here some cool tips for you: In February, the average temperature is around 3°C to 10°C. Obviously you can’t travel to this city without the perfect outfit. Here’s some outfit inspiration: BRERA DISTRICT Start your trip with a comfy stroll through the Brera district where you’ll find restaurants, bars, ice cream shops, small stores, workshops and markets of all price classes. Experience here the Dolce Vita lifestyle up close! BREAKFAST AND BRUNCH The Pavé is one of the top destinations when it comes to the most important meal of the day. That’s why it is a “MUST” to visit this super cute restaurant and enjoy some of their sweets and delicacies. LUNCH A li
We all know this situation: it’s Friday night, your bestie is texting you to go out for some afterwork drinks & you have absolutely no time to make big changes when it comes to your outfit OR even make-up. We’ve put together 3 tips, which will make it super easy for you to transform your day look into a glamorous night-outfit. TIPP 1: KEY PIECES When it comes to your outfit, follow this one spe
The 2018 TALLY WEiJL spring campaign is presented by model-babe Rosmarijn De Kok. With her refreshing casual & feminine look, she is the perfect face for our confident fashion brand. Original denim, spring colors & trendy check will give your wardro
Who doesn't looove red roses & heart shaped chocolate boxes? Come on people! It's time for romantic movies, bubble baths, love letters, wearing red, balloons & of course stuffed animals...... Awesome, right? We seriously still doing that..?! All this focus on romance and seduction is too much pressure. So we've decided to take it easy on V-DAY. Here are a couple of instructions to survive th
February 14th is ahead of us & you already know what that means: Valentine’s Day is approaching! Whether you’re meeting up with bae or you’re Netflix-and-chilling all by yourself, both activities have one common part. They just get better with the right snacks! Take advantage of this lazy Sunday & prepare some of these easy yet delicious treats below. SNACK 1: FRUIT SKEWERS What about a fruity start into Valentine’s Day? Choose your favorite fruit & be as creative as possible when preparing this yummy snack. The best part about it? Our VDay fruit skewers are an easy way to increase your daily fruit intake. Be healthy & romantic AF at the same time! WHAT YOU’LL NEED: - Fruit of your choice (we recommend mixing and matching red berries!) - Wooden skewers HOW TO PREPARE THEM: Chop the fruit of your choice into bits and pieces. Afterwards try to arrange them nicely on the wooden skewers and voilà….you’re done! SNACK2: CHOCOLATE FRUIT A little bit of chocolate never hurt nobody ;) pimp u
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