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Party season is here & if you’re putting as much effort into your styling as we are, you definitely know the dilemma of having a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear. Do you know the situation of trying on 34782 different outfit options and not liking anyone of them? Well, that’s when the little black dress comes to rescue. Here are 3 reasons why you just can’t get through party season (or life in general) without a classic LBD. 1. You’re never over- or underdressed Whether you’re heading to the hottest club in town with your girls or trying to find the perfect outfit for your bae’s family dinner: you’ll never be over- or underdressed in a black dress. 2. It’s timeless! The classic black dress is truly a piece that will matter even many years from now. It’s a timeless classic, rather than a trend. 3. Dress it up or down Is there even a color that doesn’t go with black? Nope, the styling options are endless. Combine your LBD with a denim jacket, tights & boots during the day. In the night time, change into some killer heels & add some jewelry for a glamorous night-look.
Still haven’t found the perfect Xmas presents for all of your loved ones yet? Don’t worry, TALLY’s here to the rescue: we’ve created a very special gift guide just for you! Whether you’re opting for a classy gift for your Mom or a hot dress for your BFF (that you can of course borrow during your next night out – DUH!), we’re pretty sure that you’ll nail this year’s presents. Santa, go home :P Scroll down & find the perfect gift! For your BFF For your MOM For your LITTLE SISTER
Follow the fashion tips of celebrities and make a big impression for an unforgettable holiday season. 1. Rock it like Lindsey Our teenage years would never have been the same without Lindsey, her Mean Girls crew and their very personal sense of style. They sure made a big impression at the Xmas Talent Show in their sexy costumes. Want something sassy and Christmassy, that doesn’t look too much like a copy of Santa’s outfit? Say no more; we’ve got you covered! Here are the key pieces to recreate the Lindsay vibe, except
Congrats to mega-babe Kristina from @lespetitesfashionistes for being our #TALLYGirl of the Month! Shop her look below.
Hello December! Isn’t it crazy that the last chapter of 2017 has officially begun?! It feels just like yesterday when we hosted the infamous Denim Night Event, where the beautiful Karen Molinari was elected as our very 1st #TWDenimGirl! Psst – in ca
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