We need to talk about mornings. ☕️


If your answer to the question “Are you a morning person” is “Shut up and send more coffee”, you should consider reading this. We’ve listed some super easy hacks that will make waking up in the morning so much better. You’ll thank us later. 😉

1. Stop watching Netflix until 3 a.m.

We love watching series too. But watching them until late at night is not the best thing for your sleep, babe. It is generally agreed that we need between 7 and 9 hours of sleep a day. And that’s about one third of a day! While you sleep, your skin regenerates, your stress levels lower and your brain memorize the things you’ve learnt. Set yourself a daily limit of episodes to keep the fun going, reload your batteries and wake up fresher than ever.

2. Update your alarm clock ringtone

If you’ve been using the same alarm for months, you may have noticed that after a while you’ve got used to it and don’t hear it anymore. Quick fix: Update your alarm clock ringer every now and then. Pro tip: select only music you love to boost your morning mood. Don’t: Select music that’ll upset you, you really don’t have to inflict this to yourself, hun.

3. Choose your outfit the night before

Don’t start your day with a nervous breakdown cause you’re running late with nothing to wear or can’t find these trousers you’re looking for. Preparing everything the night before is waaay more relaxed than in the morning, 5 minutes before your Zoom starts. And even if staying in your panties might sound appealing, remember that framing accidents don’t only happen to others. 👀

4. Treat yourself first thing in the morning

It seems that starting the day off right influences your mood the entire day. Whether you’re excited to make yourself a triple cappuccino with extra foam, cook homemade banana-chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast (we highly recommend this btw), to try on a new lipstick or just to get in the mood with your favorite music, TREATING YOURSELF first thing in the morning will motivate you. We promise it works.