Take care of your hydration


The trend for a healthy lifestyle is speeding up. Proper hydration is the basis of a balanced diet. Don’t forget to drink water and hydrate yourself properly no matter the season. The body can get dehydrated not only during the hot days. Ditch the sweet, fizzy drinks and replace them with healthy water, such as the three different versions.

Slim slices of green cucumber

Time to detox! Winter is the perfect time to detoxify your body. Cucumber, thanks to the amino acid citrulline, will certainly deal with the elimination of ammonia from your liver. Have a glass of water with you with sliced slices of green cucumber. For a more flavorful taste, add a few mint leaves and set aside for an hour to enjoy better flavor.

Apple with cinnamon

The intense aroma of cinnamon will definitely help you relax after work. Cinnamon is a source of iron and calcium, and its aroma improves memory. In traditional Chinese medicine it was used as a remedy for colds. Cut an apple into thin slices, add a stick of cinnamon and water. Ready!

Refreshing lemon with ginger

A suggestion perfect especially for cold evenings. In your favorite mug put a few slices of ginger, add a tablespoon of honey and pour boiling water. Wait a moment and add lemon juice to the still warm water. Remember, never put a slice of lemon into boiling water! Then all the vitamin C loses the power!

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