Stay hydrated! Check out these 4 must-read hacks


Drinking enough water is super important (especially in this heat). Did you know that our cells, organs and brain are made of 65% water? Follow these tips and keep yourself well hydrated, always.

  1. Always have water within reach.

Sounds pretty logical, but still worth mentioning. The best (and coolest) is to use a reusable glass bottle (better for your health and the planet).

  • Eat foods that hydrate.

Yes, eating also keeps you hydrated. Not if you eat chips obviously, but think about soups, yoghurts, fresh veggies and fruits (special mention for watermelon).

  • Avoid things that dehydrate.

Some things accelerate natural dehydration, like coffee, alcohol, or intense exercise in the heat. So if it’s 40°C outside, it may not be a good idea to go jogging.

  • Pimp your drinks

Make your water more exciting by adding lemon slices, fresh mint or tea bags (it takes a little longer to brew but yes, it works in cold water too). Psst, tea and smoothies also count as hydrators. 😉

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