Nail Trends that you need RN


Nails are so important that we cannot forget about. Use them to level up any outfit. Are you still looking for how to reinvent yourself before January ends? How about the nails? Get rid of the nude tones for a while and break the rules in the real Tally Style. Take a look at the following inspos.


Irregular lines and milky shades will make you stand out this winter. What to match them with? Go for contrasting shades 😉



Polka dots are back in vogue and we cannot renounce to them. Too much dots on clothes? Well, try them on nails. Don’t be shy tho, just match them with a candy outfit.


The animal print

Animal print is getting to the next level here. Those are THE BEST wear a sexy dress, you’ll be making the rules.


The shades

Natural tones are the vibes of the year. We follow the mood and dress casually in a unique Tally Weijl glamour. You’ll be noticed, without putting too much effort.


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