Mental Health Awareness – 5 IG accounts we love


May is Mental Health Awareness Month. And right now, you may be wondering about how to raise this very topic and to exchange with others about it. Well, social media is a great place for that. Here are some of the accounts we love.

Please don’t hesitate to share, someone you know might need it right now. ❤️


With 4 million followers, this account created by a young female photographer has become a true movement. Her little sentences scattered in everyday places point out the connections between people and feelings and help to relativize our lives.


This 240K follower “one-girl-band” as its creator calls it, aims to share positive and kind vibes in the form of uplifting graphics and prints. To share unlimitedly. Spoiler: it’s colorful.


With almost 23 million subscribers, this huge community created by a young woman is the reference for personal development and mental health through discussion and literature. Here, we talk about everything with kindness. A must to follow.



On this account of almost 3 million followers, you’ll find plenty of quotes that promote self-love and inclusivity. It’s all about positive vibes, nothing more, nothing less.


  1. @dlcanxiety

One of the largest Instagram platforms dedicated to anxiety, panic and stress support – a hub to create a conversation around mental health, listen to experts and get tips to deal with ones emotions.


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