Love is love. Period. 🌈


June is the month of Pride, and that’s the occasion to say it loud and clear: LOVE IS LOVE. Who cares what they think, just kiss whoever the f*ck you want. 🤩 Let’s celebrate and spread the most beautiful feeling in the world!

Together, we are stronger.

If Pride Month is the celebration of love under the sign of differences and diversity, it’s also an opportunity to raise awareness about this fight for acceptance and respect talking about it with our friends and family. We are all concerned.

Speak up and support.

Let’s face it: the LGBTQIA+ community is still too often the target of discrimination, physical or psychological violence, exclusion and even persecution. Raising the subject with our loved ones can help change things. Every type of support counts.

Celebrate love.

But of course, Pride Month is also a HUGE colorful celebration, full of music and people from all over the world coming together under the sign of love & tolerance. Go to your local Pride parades or picnics with your squad to show your pride, or simply to show your support.


This is another occasion to be kind and donate to a LGBTQIA+ non-profit and community organization (there are countless charities to support). You can also create your own virtual moneybox for the organization of your choice.

The power of social media.

Use your social media account to share valuable content on your profile or story. This is also the perfect place to discover (or to share) plenty of wonderful, inspiring and empowering accounts and persons. Go for it!

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