Kayla x Tally: an interview


Berlin-based stunner and YouTube star Kayla (@kayla_shyx) selected her fav fits and styles from our Matcha capsule for you.

With almost 550k subscribers, Kayla regularly ranks in YouTube’s top trending vids. Always on point and unapologetic, this talented and funny Tally girl is also a true fashion inspo – her style is mix of casual and edgy depending on her mood. Follow @kayla_shyx for more.

But in the meantime, read this about Kayla, from Berlin, with Polish roots.

What’s your beauty tip?

She’d rather answer about inner beauty instead of outer beauty. “Confident, honest and accepting people are the most beautiful”.

What makes you unique?

Her strength lies in not pretending to be someone that she’s not, something very rare in this world, “especially in the influencers’ world”, she adds. 😉

When do you feel empowered?

“I felt empowered when I did a good job and realised myself”

A question for the upcoming talent?

“What’s the thing that you like most in your job?” this is what she would ask to the next influencer that will pick her capsule (stay tuned ;-))

How would you answer your own question?

“The pressure that comes with it.” She doesn’t seem to be worried about being forget or about taking time to become known…a real bossbabe 😉

Aaaand now: pick !

Last but not least, a message from Kayla to you:

“Dear babes, hope you enjoyed this interview and got to know me a little bit better. Aaand enjoy your matchas if you’re drinking some ;-)”