How to style your bermuda


As seen on the streets and during fashion weeks (when allowed) Bermuda are really a thing for the most prominent influencers and fashion bloggers. So, what are you waiting? Follow the trend…in Tally Style! 😉

PU lovers: here’s something for all of you <3

Style them with bright colours and chunky boots, the scene is all yours!


Wanna keep it classy and casual? Then consider a pair of suede boots (they do the classy) and denim on top (for the casual touch)

Don’t miss the garcon look, basic pieces all mixed up will make your outfit escalateeee

And if you’re a rock soul, then go for Bermuda with heeled ankle boots and a trendy woolen gilet (rock music in background)

Buuuut if you really feel going the extra mile…all leather is your call! Make it yours babe 😉

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