Female tips for period days


Is your period coming? Would you wish time to stop because of this? We know that this is a specific time of the month that makes life difficult and makes you feel worse than usual, but you’re strong, bby! Check our tips: what to do to make this time at least a little better.

1. Be ready.

It pays to know when to expect your period. We’re sure you can agree with us that we don’t like to be surprised by this quest. Install an app on your phone like Clover, MyCalendar or Period Tracker + where you can keep track of your period and add comments about your feelings.



On these days we get upset easily. Eat more green vegetables that are rich in magnesium like spinach, kale and broccoli – they will help your nervous system. Checked!

3. Yoga helps with everything

Try doing light exercises, you can start with stretching or yoga to reduce lower back pain and support your back muscles.


4. Skin care for 5+


During our period everyone also struggles with unwanted visitors. Small pimples or blemishes are normal – don’t worry. Spend a little extra time on your evening skincare routine during these days.

5. It happens to all of us

We girls know that sometimes a stain will happen – but luckily only on clothes! 😉 You don’t have to throw away your Victoria’s Secret underwear right away, try baking soda or salt and let the magic happen hehe.

We know that these days are not the most pleasant, but remember that you are POWERFUL everyday.

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