Dear Santa…


Hey Babe, here’s a list of perfect gift to all your baes…and to you. 2020 was nasty, you need to be generous (with the others and with yourself)! We’ve got every member of the group covered. 😉

If your baes are UNIQUE just as you are, Christmas gifts need to be special. Find here our gift guide created to help you find Christmas presents for every single member of your squad.

The Blair Waldorf

She likes to be chic and she knows how to do it. She appreciates all the finest things in life: Champagne over Prosecco for example. She’s always up to the latest trends and she never disappoints even when showing herself off.

Be generous:

The in-da house

She loves staying home, either for taking naps or for doing the funniest activities. Her house is her kingdom? Her door is always open to have fun together…but don’t ask her out…it’s a mmmh… NO.


Be generous:


She will never let you down on nights out. Whatever you have in mind she knows how to rock. Whether it’s a trip to the pub or a night in the club, she is first to be up to your invite and last to leave the party.


Be generous:



She’s the one that is completely unable to get her sh*t together. Nights spent talking in front of red wines distinguish your friendship. She makes you get mad, but she’s the one you can’t live without.

Be generous:

The controller


She’s the one that (WITH NO INTENT) makes us feel bad with her perfection. She’s great at her job, she got great grades at college, flawless skin, long and shiny hair. But she’s lovely. Offer her some fun 😉

Be generous: