Be Inspired by this week’s #TallyStyle


Welcome to our weekly roundup of our favorite #TallyStyle of the week. Seeking for some inspiration for your “end of lockdown” outfits? Discover here our tops picks of the week.

For this week the focus is on the item that inspired us. Look how cool were two of our amazing babes.


Quoting one of our favorite movies “Florals? For Sping? GROUNBREAKING”, we think that flowers in this occasion are pretty much needed.

Some spring vibes will help us feel the spring for real.

Look at the print of this super cool top. This top will give you the spring touch you are for sure looking for. If you agree then you’ll love this inspo of the week.


Our babes @lauraiulija and @ellisha_liciouz got the perfect pictures to show you this super cute spring inspired top.

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