Accessories: 5 styles to give off vacay vibes


Can’t wait for the holidays? While you’re planning your next destination in the sun, we’ve put together a few little things to make you feel like you’re already there. Get your fav summer outfit on, we’ll take care of the accessories.

1. The perfect slides and flip-flops

Physically we’re here, but mentally we’re walking on the hot sand in these. 🏖️

2. The cutest seashell + macramé belt ever

Alexa, play “Kokomo” by the Beach Boys. 🏄‍♀️

3. This adorable refillable water bottle

This handy refillable bottle will become your new best friend to stay cool & hydrated in the heat.

4. This lilac iPhone strap case

Great for keeping your precious within reach at the beach – and for reminding you of the sweet smell of lavender fields.

5. This Virgin Mojito set

Complete the vacay feeling with this glasses set. Comes with a wooden pestle for the lemon and mint. 🍋

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