6 ways to boost your mood


1. Be active!

Remember that movement and exercise trigger a large dose of endorphins, so bet on increased physical effort during this time. There are so many possibilities around you! You can sign up for fitness classes, dancing, fashionable yoga, or just unfold your mat at home and support yourself with the right YouTube channel. (pic via Pinterest.ch)

2. Cuddle up!

Sounds funny? But it is the easiest way to improve your mood. According to research, a simple handshake is enough to release oxytocin – commonly called the hormone of love – into our body. 

3. Just Relax…

Find a moment just for yourself, try to chase away all negative thoughts. Remember that rest is an important element building our health.  A hot bath in the bathtub comes to our aid.  After a hard day, turn on your favorite music and indulge in the evening’s pleasure.

4. Start planning your next vacation

When you feel depressed, start planning your next vacation.  Make a list of places you would like to visit. Create your own travel map and mark on it tourist attractions worth seeing.

5. Diet makes wonders

Choose products that will stimulate your body to life and support the immune system. It is worth to buy healthy food, rich in B vitamins.

6. Choose color

Strong, vivid colors can effectively stimulate us to action. Dark, sad outfits try to replace colorful looks. Surround yourself with such colors as red, yellow or orange, and you will certainly notice their positive impact.

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