5 inspiring weekend activities


1. Upgrade the relax

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Have you recently shopped new perfumes, bath bombs, candles and extra scented scrubs? What about face masks? We know you have a full stock of all these product. Well, all these match perfectly with a glass of your fav wine, the book you’re reading now…and a hot bath, of course! Want some cuddles: throw your towels and bath robe on the radiators on in the dryer beforehand, they will hug you warmly.

2. Practice decluttering

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Are you in the “I will keep it for the future club?” We need more space in our lives and even though we feel like keeping everything we ever bought, this is not good practice. You don’t need to trash everything, maybe your babes will take somethings? Trust us: you’ll feel lighter, happier and ready to take on the new year.

3. Free your creativity

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Turn all the screens around you off for a while. Commit into something creative to really unplug from the outside world. Distract yourself with painting, writing, making new clothes…

4. Exercise

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Of course, doing exercise is one of the activities that will make you feel better. Take a long walk, do some yoga or simply do stretching. It will be worth it.

5. Commit into cooking

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If you’re bored of the same recipes, treat yourself with something different. Just google a cooking tutorial and try something 100% homemade. Enjoy it, this will be very fulfilling.

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