4 items that you can wear from Autumn to Spring


Have you ever wondered about having a cool cloth that you could use almost all the year? Here’s a list of 4 items that you can keep in your closet from September until June.

1. The faux leather jacket


A leather jacket is a very passe par tout item to keep in your closet. Loving it in the morming with a casual t-shirt, ribbed jeans and your favourite sneakers.
It is lovely also when styled with a short sexy dress, it gives confidence to the whole outfit.
Starting from September, when you can wear mostly in the evening, during colder days you will find it cool to wear under a super cool (faux) fur.
But why not wearing it also at the office on a pair of tailored trousers? It’s the rocky touch that you’ve always looked for.
Keep it in your closet until June, it will be useful over colored and flowered dresses 😉

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2. Carry over jeans


If you’re still lacking of you’re favorite pair of jeans, then this is the perfect occasion to find YOURS. We all have a pair of jeans that stay in our closets all year long, no matter the heat, the cold, the rain…there is always a way to style them…they make you feel comfortable.
On your morning off? Look like a real badass and wear them sporty style. At work? Put a blazer on and you’ll be professional AF. At night? Décolleté heels, a fancy shirt and they will make your look at your best.

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3. The cropped cardigan


A cropped cardigan, better if coloured is a very useful piece of clothing. It matches perfectly with jeans, skirts, in winter, spring and autumn. It is the perfect piece to give you a touch of color in veeery boring days. And you know what? It needs no more than a white t-shirt underneath to make you look perfect.
It will never leave you uncovered, in breezy spring nights as well as in sunny (but cold) winter mornings. Wear it as outerwear in autumn, you will never look boring!

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4. Oversized hoodie


The day started the wrong way? You feel bloating and it’s almost that period?? No worries, your favorite oversized sweat will come in your help.
It can be styled in hundreds ways and it will always make you look up-to-trend and comfortable at the same time! Looking for inspiration? Just pair it with a check skirt and your college look will be super catching. Bring the hoodie wherever you want, make it your “security blanket” all year long.

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