3 Rounds of home workout


Stay safe, stay fit! Here’s an example of quick workouts that can be done at home. Take three small breaks while working from home to get your body shape to its best.

Via: Pinterest.ch

 1. Cardio queen

Source: https://www.pinterest.ch/pin/392165080053081297/

Start your day with a 15 minutes round of cardio, get up of bed, stretch a little bit, change and have this workout.
Then, reward yourself with a warm shower and a full breakfast.  Your day will start at your best… we promise!

Let’s get sweat:

2. Abs from the sofa

Hey, who said that you need to get up your sofa to workout? The sofa game is updated with this list of abs exercises…to be done from your beloved couch.

Let’s get sweat:

3. Before going to bed

Despite a busy schedule full of work from home, school and duties, you can still take the chance to improve your fitness level with these quick and nice exercises for bed prep. Not too hard, but this workout will make you appreciate your…mh…peach 😉 We promise you will not regret it.

Let’s get sweat: