3 ideas for evenings at home


“In the rain, kids get bored”? Certainly not us! Overthrow all myths and stereotypes about winter evenings. Shine on your Instagram and show everyone your favorite life-hacks for winter chandelier.

1. Awake the DJ spirit in yourself

Winter mornings are not your favorite? It’s time to change it! In your free time, create a new musical playlist whose sounds will remind you of your best holiday memories and prepare you to the Christmas time.

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2. Kitchen revolution

Baked pumpkin, aromatic ginger, sweet apples are just some of the winter delicacies. Play the best flavors of childhood in your home. Invite your friends and awaken a talent worthy of a true Masterchef!

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3. Get closer to the closest nature

Despite a busy schedule full of work from home, school and duties, don’t miss the most majestic and colorful season of the year. In your free time, take a longer winter walk to the nearest park or forest. We promise you will not regret it.

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